Who we are

CN foods began in the early 90's under Nilesh Shah acting a sole trader. Back then, the core product range were Greek meats. In the 2000's he expanded into yoghurts. 

In 2013 his son, Heeran Shah and business partner Chris Monery merged their business with CN Foods adding another 40 shops to their customer base. 

Later in 2013 CN Foods acquired a small warehouse in Tottenham 

2014-2016 Several acquisitions of goodwill to increase customer base

2016 - Stopped van sales, opting for a system splitting up sales roles and delivery roles. Allowing CN to offer it's customers a much wider range of products and overall better service.

2017 Chris & Heeran decide to focus solely on CN Foods due to its massive potential.

2018 CN Foods offers over 600 skus, opens up its ecommerce portal to its customer base

2019 Spring - PA Dairy merges with CN Foods 

Updated Jan 2020