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No two customers are the same. Unlike other distributors, we do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ model. That is why we utilise the latest technologies to provide a tailored service for our customer base. Here is what we offer:

Services Offered

Inventory Management

Some buyers believe managing your perishable goods' stocking levels is an art form. We believe it's a science. We never want you to run out of stock and risk your customers going elsewhere. At the same time we don't want to overload you with excess goods, chewing up your valuable retail space and tieing up your cashflow.

Your dedicated account manager can come to your shop, complete a stock check then create an order based on several factors such as sales data, minimum stocking levels, seasonal changes, public holidays, weather etc. Our account managers will spend a chunk of their life solely thinking about your business, so that you don't have to. 

Box Breaking

We sell in individual units, as well as boxes, with no strings attached. Most of our customers' storage space is limited, let alone their retail space. And some retailers will struggle to sell a full box of a sku before the product's sell-by-date. So we box break for all our customers, giving us a much higher accuracy when managing our customers inventory, as well as allowing us to put a much larger selection of products into shops whilst taking up the same space.   

Flexible Delivery Schedule

We believe offering a consistent, efficient and flexible delivery service is one of the most important factors in distribution. We will tailor your delivery schedule based on your business, factoring in variables such as volumes, shop capacity, shop staffing timetables etc.

For example;

  • If your average order value is high enough, or there is a spike in your sales and you have run out of stock, we can arrange same day / next day delivery.
  • We deliver multiple times per week to shops who do not have enough space to meet their weekly stock holding requirements.  
  • If you are short staffed or overly busy at a certain time of day, we will schedule to deliver to you at a more convenient time

Versatile Ordering Methods

If you would prefer to place orders yourself, we currently take orders via: